??公司秉承技术创新的经营理念,遵循“科技规划战略,高起点运营,可持续发展,打造绿色循环经济规模”的标准,以先进的制造技术,精良的工艺装备和严格的管理体制为基础,创造性地实施“市场、品牌、科技、人才、资本”战略,着眼市场的制高点,持之以恒地打造企业的核心竞争力 - “创新”文化,开辟具有金宇宙特色的发展道路,结合“中国特色”的发展道路走向辉煌的明天。


??Golden Universe Cable Co., Ltd., was known as Jiangsu Global Cable Co., Ltd., It has twenty years of professional manufacturing history. The company is located in the well known Xingsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, in Langli Industrial Park, which is also known as the "special economic zones," in Changsha, Hunan. It is the department of a collection of scientific research, production and sales in one of the large modern high-tech company.
??Our main products are 35KV and medium, high and low voltage power cables, as well as LSZH green cables, fire resistant cables, mining cables, wind power cables, aluminum cables and special cables for aerospace industry, petrochemical equipment cables, and compensation cables etc. that a total of over ten thousand kinds of specifications models.
??Our company upholding the business philosophy of technological innovation, follow the standards of " science and technology planning strategy, start operations from high point, sustainable development, and to build a green recycling economy scale ". Based on our advanced manufacturing technology, sophisticated technology and equipment and strict management system, our company implement of the "market, brand, technology, professionals and capital " strategy creativity. We focus on the key point of the market, to build the core competitive strength perseveringly - With "innovation " culture, and integrating " the Chinese characteristics" way of development, we will reach success by are starting a unique “Golden Universe” way of development.
??Our company has been putting huge capital to build wire and cable technology research center. We had built a complete system of independent innovation, and successfully accomplished a number of independent manufacturing technology results. Especially the aluminum power cable project won the national invention patents. And cluster-based independent research project--Overhead Insulated Cable Bundle won Technology Innovation Award. And it has been widely used in the power grid construction and renovation projects in the world. Both of these projects were completed by enterprise innovation fund support. To establish a modern enterprise system in accordance with market demand, our company has achieved quality management certification, occupational health certification, environmental certification and other related types of international and domestic product certification and licensing qualifications. We carefully build their own brands by using UL, BS, VDE, IEC, GB and other advanced technologies standards for manufacturing. Our company insists on the "people -oriented" concept of employment, which brought together a large number of technical and management professionals and formed a "Golden Universe Team". Which has played a pillar of strength for product innovation, manufacturing, marketing and the company's rapid development. Our quality products and services shaped the supremacy of credibility. We repeatedly win the tender in the national grid, urban construction, real estate, petrochemicals, mining, metallurgy, transportation and other important industries projects. The success made us a good reputation as "pursuit of excellence, select Golden Universe cable ". Our company constantly strives for excellence, and seeking the way to make contribution for China's wire and cable career.
??Gold Universe cable will be "first-class products, first-class quality, first-class service, and first-class reputation" to provide our clients a full range of services. We are willing to sincere cooperate with all sectors of the community and our clients, to create a win-win situation.


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